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This form is not the application to the program. If you are interested in applying to the program, please go to the on-line application page available on this website here.

2450 Kittredge Loop Drive
Boulder, CO 80309
United States

An intense two and a half day program on the Colorado Method of Capital Juror Selection. The format is a combination of lecture, small group practice, and faculty demonstration. The emphasis is on small group practice.

National Capital Voir Dire Training Program

We wish to thank our sponsors for supporting our program. Their generous support has made it possible for public defenders from jurisdictions across the United States handling capital cases to attend the program.

Annual Theory & Intense Practice
Capital Voir Dire Training
Boulder, Colorado
May 14-16, 2020


Death penalty voir dire is one of the most difficult yet crucial skills for capital defense lawyers to master.

Join the National College of Capital Voir Dire, the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, and the University of Colorado School of Law for this unique hands-on training program.  Participants will work with David Wymore, the originator of this method of capital jury selection, and a faculty of masters of capital voir dire for two and a half days to learn and master the art and science of capital jury selection. The cost of the program is $500.     

The program teaches the Colorado Method of capital voir dire by using a combination of lecture, demonstration, and small group exercises involving real jurors.  This is the proven method which has nearly emptied Colorado‚Äôs death row and saved capital defendants in jurisdictions across the country.  Students will learn the core Supreme Court jurisprudence and how to use it to make the judge let you ask what you need to ask. Students will learn and then practice in small groups how to get venire persons to share their views about the death penalty and life imprisonment by stripping away extraneous issues and circumstances, identify and rate strong pro-death and potential life-voting jurors, build and make challenges for cause against death-biased jurors and protect other jurors from cause challenges, and help ensure potential life-voting jurors have the knowledge and skills to get out of the jury room with their vote intact and that strong pro-death jurors understand all jurors must be treated with respect and dignity (including life-giving jurors).

This will be the only national Colorado Method Capital Voir Dire Training in the year.  Space is limited to 90 capital defense attorneys.  The on-line application requests information about the dates of any pending trials and your legal experience. Please apply early - slots fill up quickly. If you have any questions about the program please contact Clinical Law Professor Ann England at

The seminar will be held at the University of Colorado Law School, Wolf Law Building, 2450 Kittredge Loop Road, Boulder, Colorado 80309.